Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System (RS&GIS) research group was established in 2003, based on the initiative of its current director PhD. NAOUFAL RAISSOUNI, professor of Physics & Remote Sensing at the University Abdelmalek Essaadi (UAE), Tetuan, Morocco. RS&GIS is a dynamic team of researchers (PhD, Engineers, PhD. Students, collaborators…) at the UAE and partner universities and research institutions.
  • Research, Development and Innovation Fields
RS&GIS focuses on several themes combining Research, Development & Innovation (R+D+I):
      • Remote sensing Physics;
      • Geographic Information System;
      • Global Positioning System;
      • High Performance Computing;
      • Very High Resolution Satellite;
      • Wireless Sensor Networks;
      • In-situ Mesurements.
  • History
RS&GIS origins go back to 1996, to the Global Change Unit (GCU) established as a remote sensing research group at the University of Valencia, based on the initiative of PhD. José A. Sobrino as its current Director and PhD. Naoufal Raissouni as founder member...